Vahid storehouse with the management of Mr. Karbalaei is proud to the use of scientific knowledge and experienced technical staff in the storage of customers goods carefully and with high quality.

– The warehouse with more than a few decades of experience, offers services to many goverment and private companies, industrialists, and all institutions that in some way try development and prosperity of this country. We are determined to provide our customers state of the art solutions in accordance with the international standards.

Considering the fact that storage services play role as one of the leading service, so we also decided to create goals for Entering into this arena witch some of them are:
_ First place in the development of the service and the comfort, along with complete customer satisfaction in the field of storage
-Cooperation with public and private
companies, industrialists, and all institutions.
_ Satisfaction and responsiveness to customers and management of business relationships.
_ improvement of the organization in the area of services (light and medium machines, CCTV and up to date fire extinguishing), responsiveness and customer satisfaction.
_ The most important factor of security and guarantee of customers is the fact that we are the owner of the whole property.